Quick Start

Last updated: Feb 14th, 2018


This API and it's functions were developed in coordination with Unity app developers so it's functions and the information they return are optimized for how Unity works. If you do not already have it downloaded click the button below to download and install the latest version.

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Getting an API Key

The API Key is the most crucial element of every call, you'll get no return without it. To get an API key all you need to do is contact Jacob Jergensen at [email protected] and he can set one up for you right away.

Testing API Connection

You must include:

using UnityEngine.Networking;
Default code example:

public class posttst : MonoBehaviour {
    WWWForm form;
    WWW download;
    void Start()
        _url = "https://api.3monkey.games/APIKEY";
    void TestApi()
        form = new WWWForm();
        form.AddField("request", "test");
        StartCoroutine("SubmitForm", form);
    IEnumerator SubmitForm(WWWForm wwwForm)
        download = new WWW(_url, wwwForm);
        yield return download;
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(download.error))
            print("Error downloading: " + download.error);
            Debug.Log("Result: " + download.text);

If you've done everything correctly this should output "Test Completed Successfully"

You'll also note that you used a variable called request, this will be used in every API call you make so you should get use to typing it. Every function listed from here down will have what the request should be in the top right corner.

User Functions

Logging A User Inrequest = "login"


This function is crucial in every 3MG application because without it you will not be able to provide users with their points and other prizes.

Getting User Inforequest = "getUser"


Fetching a user's information from the database can be very important to the user experience so we set up an easy way for you to do just that.

Getting a User's Inventoryrequest = "getInv"


Fetching a user's inventory will be crucial to your use of the Dabalooney and Monkey Points system. This is how you do just that.

Updating a User's Inventoryrequest = "setInv"


Updating items in a user's inventory is a key part of any app developed for 3 Monkey Games. Whether it be deducting Dabalooney's for game play time or adding points for winning games.